Getting Ready for Retirement

Are You Ready to Retire?

If you are in your 50's or 60's and approaching retirement, this book is a must for you!

Within the next two decades, 75 million baby boomers are expected to retire. They are redefining retirement. They will live longer than previous generations. This book will help pre-retirees begin envisioning their retirement now. Getting Ready for Retirement will give you insight and answers to a multitude of frequently asked questions such as:

· When is the best time to retire?
· Should I relocate and if so, where is the best place to retire?
· Do I need or want to continue to work during retirement?
· What will give me meaning and purpose during retirement?
· What travel and senior discounts are available to me?
· How can I be assured of a reliable retirement income?

This valuable resource guide will help you prepare in advance for a quality of life in this exciting new phase of your life for the rest of your life.