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Tina Manion, a Financial Advisor, Author and Speaker is a native of Cincinnati.  She has been in the financial services industry advising individuals, couples and small business owners in attaining their objectives since 1979.  She is the founder and principal of Retirement Planning Specialists, a full-service independent financial services firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals.   She is fully licensed and is a Registered Representative with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. and an Investment Advisor Representative with Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. offering advice and managing investments on a fee-basis.  

One of the many reasons she selected Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. as her broker/dealer, is due to their superb service she receives from the home office as well as a wealth of information.  They have been recipient of the distinguished Broker/Dealer of the Year award for four years.  Their logo is a flag which is the premier symbol of independence.  The four stripes on the Cambridge flag represent their unwavering values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness--all values Tina and her affliate office embraces.  

Her vast knowledge and experience in financial and retirement planning is why she has been a sought after speaker at various corporations, organizations and churches.  She has also conducted financial and retirement planning seminars for the past two decades for individuals as well as Money Market Chats for her clients.

In her quest to assist individuals to begin envisioning their retirement prior to retirement, she wrote the on book of its kind, Getting Ready for Retirement, Preparing for a Quality of Life for the Rest of your Life.  You can learn more about this book on the right hand margin of this website.  She also gives this valuable book as a free gift to clients once they begin the process for a comprehensive Financial and Retirement LifeStage Plan.   Her desire is that pre-retirees carefully consider non-financial issues as well as financial issues.  She feels it is essential that they are educated about all aspects to insure that they can enjoy a quality of life for the rest of their lives.

As educating her clients and keeping them abreast of legislative changes, tax law changes, market updates and outlooks and the myriad off issues that affect you, she writes and publishes her own quarterly newsletter, Plan & Prosper for VIP clients.

This personalized program is a roadmap to working toward a more secure future for you!

Meet Tina

She is a baby boomer, let's just say, she is sixty-something. 

Her first car:                   She purchased a 1962 Corvair for $110.00 at age 16 before she even had her driver's license.

Her first job:                   She worked for her father who was a successful business owner at age 12, part-time of course.  At age 16 she got a real job doing secretarial work and started saving money!

High School:                   Graduated from Western Hills High School in 1974.  Loved playing the flute and piccolo in the marching band and orchestra. 

College:                           Graduated from the University of Cincinnati with A.S. and B.A. in 1978.  She worked her way through college also working as a legal secretary and assistant.

Claim to fame:                 One month following her graduation, she was the first white female legal investigator for the Public Defender's Office in the country. . . and cracked alot a cases!

Her favorite TV show:    Dancing with the Stars!  She claims to have been a great disco dancer in the 70's!

Her favorite hobby:        Enjoys gardening.  Loves to see the garden grow just like her client portfolios!

Her teammate:                Her husband and best friend, Larry.

Her baby:                        Mitzi, a miniature long-haired dachsund who also serves as the receptionist and loves meeting clients!

Her joy:                           Spending time with their children and four grandchildren.

Favorite time:                 Sunday morning in church praising God who has brought many blessings.

To learn more about Tina, you are welcome to view her profile on LinkedIn.